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Bare Sole Collection
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Dream Ortho
Form Flips
Bare Sole’s Picasso Line


Bare Sole

1: definitely not a naked fish

2: a brand new SHOE company with a brand new concept

3: a shoe that you can design and redesign everyday by swapping out the straps, adding accessories, or altering the design of the tie

4: the smart, sexy, recession-proof heels, wedges and flats (why recession proof? You only have to buy 1 pair to have a million looks!)

5: a shoe that is triple-padded, ultra-comfy, lightweight and handcrafted in America

6: the best shoe combo ever: comfort and sex-appeal (finally, a shoe with both)

7: we can custom shoes that address specific foot issues and needs; a wide or narrow orthopedics available in most open styles.  

8: classic designer shoes in sizes 4-13

9:  women’s shoes designed by women for women; what a concept!



London Calling NEW
Chelsea Corset NEW

Choose your Sole... Choose your Straps... Choose your Accessories!

Bare Sole Imagination. Creativity. Play. 
Recycling great Lush. Heaven. Comfort.


Visit our “how to tie” page for video instruction on various tie styles for your Bare Sole.

A Shoe Party!
How do you top that?

You and your friends will have a blast designing your own shoes…anyway you want. Pick your favorite shoe style and then go giddy choosing straps and accessories…creating your own design.

Special discounts for host and guests … day or evening hours…an atmosphere casual to elegant…you decide. Call us directly at Bare Sole 818-766-7676 for details and planning.

We also have two or three parties a month at 4363 Tujunga Ave in Studio City.
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